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How to Page Speed Checker - Best Tools You Will Find?

If you are in the process of marketing your online business, you may need to use a good free tool to check the speed of your website. You may be using a slow website and have a lot of bounce rates because of the fact that your visitors have to wait for a long time to see your site or click on a link to get to your site. This can cost you your customers and it can also put you at the bottom of search engine results.


Using a free tool such as the one provided by a web page speed checker is easy. All you need is to use a computer and the internet. What is most important is that you have access to the internet. Once you have these two things, you are ready to use the tool that can help you make sure that your website is running at a fast rate.


The first tool that you will find when you begin your search for a free page speed checker is known as a speedometer. This is a tool that will allow you to see the average speed of your server. It will be able to tell you how much information your server is going to have to download when a visitor loads the page. Most people do not know that the amount of information that they have to download to their site can be very large. A lot of information such as graphics and pictures that you have on your web pages can take a while to download.


The next tool that is provided by a web page speed checker is known as a traffic analyzer. This will show you what is being visited by your visitors to your site. The information that you will get from this tool can help you to know where people came from, what pages they looked at and what they did when they were on the site.


The last thing that you can find on a free web page speed checker is called a bandwidth checker. This tool will help you to know what your speed will be over time on your web page. There are some web site owners who do not want to spend money on upgrading their servers because they do not want to deal with the problem of the slow speeds that their pages get on their servers. A good bandwidth checker will help you know which of your pages will be affected by slow speeds.


When you are looking at these three tools, it is easy to see why you need to use a web page speed checker. The more information you can get about the performance of your website, the better that you will be able to make any changes that you need to make to your website. The more information you can use the tools and the more tools that you can utilize, the better your chances of having an error-free website.


You should also know that there are some websites that offer a paid version of a web page speed checker. These sites can provide a lot of information. However, a lot of times the data is quite different from what is found on a free site. A paid site will provide a lot of information that is not available on a free site.


Free sites are usually updated on a regular basis to keep their database up to date. This can help them to be more accurate than the free sites. If you want a good free site, you will want to check out these free tools and see if they can help you get the results that you need.