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Back link is very usefull for ranking the websites.that is also play an important role in the search engine optimization.there for webmaster are paying very well income for making quality backlinks.we are also said back link is also backbone of web site.if you want grow your website makes more and more back link.back link conected your site with other website.for that pro level webmaster can makes there link with the best and high DA/PA rating website.and that site which have high DA/PA rating can charge for it.there for the webmaster can paying very well payment.
but in the past when website are not to famous.webmaster and website owner are faced very problem to makes these links.and they are having difficulty in getting the appropriate price estimate for links or text link ads.that why we are creat this tool which helps to getting estimate for links ads.that is very unique and powerfull tools that show the realy results to our are see the real price of linking from this tool.that is totaly free for use.
Most papular webmster that have website with very much visitor on daily basis.and they have provide the best content ever.these sites have very high DA/PA rating.and the owner of these site can allow to makes a website back links with this site and the owner of this site can charge very high payment for one link.the low level websites onwer purchase backlinks to help improve their page ranking on different search engines like Google.
It is the aim of every website owner to get their web pages into the top position in search engines like Google.

To be able to achieve this, the website should have the following:

  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Relevance

How To Use This Tool
Thah is free online tool is very easy for use, to use this tool required no programming skills to calculate the price for a specific link (URL).
You just go to this link
Where are you now see the URL enter box All you have to do is to enter the URL in the space provided and then click on the “Submit” button. Then, it will generate the result and show you right away.